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General Trading (Import & Export)

Baniyas manages business and engages in transactions with some local but mostly international business associates to bring highest quality product to the people of Congo. We make full use of our network of human, finance, and knowledge resources to monitor, conduct, and identify diverse projects that might benefit the people of Congo.

We organize, manage and transact our trading business, both with local and overseas associates, using our network of information, manpower, know-how, and experience. We have viable financial resources at our disposal to monitor, conduct and identify any and all projects falling in our dynamic and independent operational sphere of diverse nature.

We work to establish strong, long term relationships with our valued clients, with our continuous efforts to offer them the highest level of service. The company's success has always been in identifying trends and opportunities in different markets, and in offering a great deal of customer satisfaction in all the sectors and markets it has forayed into.