Fiberglass Boats

At Gaztec we produce boats in hand-laid fiberglass with remarkable craftsmanship. We have a fiberglass factory equipped to handle all types of customized fiberglass boat order – from personal yachts to industrial boats.

Fiberglass boats are highly durable and inexpensive to repair. A fiberglass boat is much easier to take care of as compared to wood or aluminum version. Fiberglass is more impact resistant than aluminum and has a long life and a fiberglass boat is going to be lighter than a wooden boat.

We focus on providing the highest quality product to our customers, and make sure that each boat we make highlights our attention to detail. A design optimized to provide a stiff, durable and yet lightweight structure, top quality deck fittings and interiors finishing materials as well as ISO 9001 certified production process, assure you of a reliable and meticulously finished product.