Pre-Fabricated House

Living in a Gaztec prefab house means not only enjoy the benefits of a prefabricated house: the care and quality are a guarantee of safety, design, comfort, well-being and environmental sustainability.

If you’re looking for pre-fabricated houses, Gaztec has the solutions. Gaztec is the largest and most diverse manufacturer and supplier of factory-built accommodation in Angola. The company has been in the business of producing a wide variety of pre-fab housing units for many years. We cater to the needs of customers from all types of sectors – industrial, commercial, and government sectors.

Gaztec leads you to your own house fast and most of all, economically. A prefabricated house designed according to the modern architectural trends, with comfortable and functional spaces, all in a few square meters. The main house for you and your family or a vacation house for your relaxation. The possibilities for the arrangement of the spaces are limitless.