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We are equipped to deliver high-quality vessels in a limited timeframe, from traditional canoes to customized designs. Each canoe is laid up by hand which ensures the attention to detail in each canoe we make, from spray-up to buffing. Specializing in composite construction, over the years we’ve found ways to reduce weight while maintaining strength, rigidity, and durability.

We focus on the need for functional, technically advanced canoes that provide true performance benefits to the consumer. Ideal for a variety of recreational applications and terrain, our canoes offers a number of versatile designs suitable for first time paddlers seeking a safe, stable, easy paddling craft to enjoy with the family to advanced paddlers after a sleek craft that offers exceptional speed and efficiency in the water.

All our built to be exceptionally lightweight without any compromise in strength, toughness, or durability. We specialize in mass production of high-quality canoes, accepting orders from both government and private organizations.