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Fiberglass Boats

At OKAB, we have a fiberglass factory equipped to handle all types of customized fiberglass boat order – from personal yachts to industrial boats. Fiberglass boats are highly durable and inexpensive to repair. A fiberglass boat is much easier to take care of as compared to wood or aluminum version. Fiberglass is more impact resistant than aluminum and has a long life and a fiberglass boat is going to be lighter than a wooden boat. We focus on providing the highest quality product to our customers and make sure that each boat we make highlights our attention to detail.

We consider our experience in the boat manufacturing industry a strong base on which to expand our horizons in meeting our customers’ requirements. Combining years of experience with the latest and modern technology at our disposal, we are more than capable of delivering your next custom made fiberglass boat.

Our fiberglass boats are painstakingly constructed to the most exacting standards. All boats are manufactured in accordance with an international standard where quality is never compromised on. Our strength is in our expertise and wealth of experience that caters to the modern age of boat manufacturing.