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Real Estate

OKAB aims at playing a pivotal and promotional role in strengthening credibility, trust, and integrity in the real estate sector. We are well geared to set new standards of innovation, technological efficiency, corporate governance and world class customer service, with a focus mainly on adherence to high-quality standards of construction and on-time completion of the projects.

We pride ourselves in due diligence including both physical and financial inspections. We deal in both private and commercial real estate properties. We specialize in buying and selling land and properties, and providing various services in the areas of renting & managing real-estate properties in many cities around the UAE, Oman, USA, Germany, Angola, and Congo.

We aim to provide the highest degree of comfort and pleasure of modern lifestyle at an affordable price for discerning customers. What’s more, we provide them with a selection of not only space but also interior layout and design in tune with their passions.